A suggested resolution for the new year​


This one is going to be a bit different.


I keep meeting people who seem to not understand the basic difference between strategy and tactics, so while it isn't 100% relevant to our overall journey, it's too basic to ignore.


So here is it: a strategy defines your center, while a tactic is a specific activity, designed to achieve a specific goal that is a part of the strategy (usually it's a bunch of activities that surrounds the core strategy, and not build it as pieces of a puzzle). 


Given the above (and I know it's not the best definition ever, but it's enough for our needs right now), how come so many marketeers tell me that their strategy is acquisition? or worst, Facebook ads? (the list goes on, but you get the idea). 


These are all tactics. Important ones, no doubt, but not more than tactics. A strategy would be something that can usually be written as one or two sentences, and that everything else comes from it, or related to it. I will not give examples here, as it's too important and examples tend to narrow the much needed individual thinking process you need to go through to find it.


I will, however, share a simple tip, that will help you start your journey to create a strategy that would be relevant to you. There's one question, that if asked and answered honestly, tends to carry with it all of the other answers:


How long do I want my game to last?


There's no right or wrong here. Each business and each entrepreneur are different, and it's not a bad thing to say you want your business to last 2-3 years and then sold to a bigger company. Don't sell yourself a romantic story about changing the world forever and ever for a second, be honest and commit to your answer after giving it.

It's like relationships- there's a giant difference between looking for a one night stand, a summer romance and a possible marriage. If we're honest, in each of these examples our hearts and minds will act completely different - and it's the same in your business, believe it or not. 


So here's my suggestion for a new year's resolution: Ask yourself this question, and answer truthfully.

If you don't ask yourself this question, you'll end up with a bunch of tactics and nothing more- and a bunch of tactics is not a strategy, it's a lack of direction. But if you ask yourself this question, and answer truthfully, you'll find out that by committing to it a lot of other things suddenly becomes intuitive. What type of clients am I looking for? who's my competition? what level of change do I want to create? when is my product "ready enough" to meet the market? and so on- everything becomes clearer if you start at the right place.


That's it. Told you it's going to be a different post :-)


See you in the next one- it's going to be a mind blowing.