It's my story, and I'll fuck up if I want to​


Every once in a while I get to meet a founder that seems to think they have it all figured out. If you have it all figured out, it's kind of annoying when someone tells you that you're missing the point.


So they give me the look. The look that says, "oh, fuck off, you and your storytelling. I have my story and got funding because of it. I'm good!". But the thing is, if you don't spend the time needed to make people care before you tell the rest of your story, and if the only added value your shoving in their faces is saving money- you're missing the point, whether you like it or not.


By this point, you probably agree that the caring part is a must have (if not, go back to the beginning and catch up). But the money saving part? everyone wants to save money, what does he want from us now, right?


I'm not saying that saving money isn't a desired goal for most people. But the fact is that money is still (and probably will be always be considered as) a means to an end only. And unless you're saving me a shitload of money - which almost never happens - it's just not strong enough as a social currency. And that means that people might use your product, but they won't talk about it, thus causing you to miss out on the biggest marketing tool human nature ever created -Word of mouth.


If you're helping me to save part of the commission I'm paying for my mortgage, my car insurance and so on, it doesn't make me want to tell the world about it. Don't believe me? when was the last time you told someone about a product that does that, or witnessed a conversation about that?


What people share is what gives them a good feeling. We all like to feel smart, helpful and resourceful. But we all get that no one cares about a fraction of a commission we're paying. So we'll share the first kind of stories, but not the second one. And that means, that for a lot of products, what you consider as added value or side feature should actually become front and center in your story. 


How would you know if that's the case? tell your story to people not in order to sell to them. Tell it to try and get them to want to talk about it with their extended family over dinner. Try to be objective and asses what parts of your story would make people feel good if they repeat it- and make those the core of your story. Once people are hooked, they will also explain about the whole concept - simply because they care. But if they don't care, and they're not hooked.. Well, as I said in the beginning, it's your story, feel free to fuck it up if you want to!