My product tells all the stories I need


Throughout the years, I came to meet a lot of great entrepreneurs. They all had an amazing vision of what the world should look like, and how their company or product is about to make it happen.


There was only one problem- after a few minutes, two constant questions kept rising:


1. Why should I care?

2. Why am I getting bored?


The answer for these 2 questions is one: while they had a great (real or potential) product, they had no story to back it up. I'm not saying they were bad storytellers- I'm saying that no such story existed, so there was no way to asses their storytelling skill, if they had any.


Most of them got pissed at me for mentioning this to them, and maybe for a good reason. Nobody likes to be told they are lacking something they are sure they solved a long time ago.


So what is a story? how do I know if I have one? 


Storytelling is an art that is as old as mankind. It's about creating an emotional hook with your audience, one that will make them agree to suspend their disbelief and listen to you.




No matter how much you love your product or idea- it's still a bunch of facts and features, with no heart attached to it. 


Do you talk about a pain you need to solve? are you using the right analogies, to help people relate to it? can you help people imagine how their life would look like with your product existing in it? do you remember that every story is a dialogue, and therefore needs to be adapted to your audience? 

And most of all, do you remember that any good story is made out of hundreds of tiny (and not so tiny) details, that create a world? If you don't, chances are you'll end up contradicting yourself or just stay stuck with a story full of holes- and that's not something you want, trust me. Unless you're Michael Bay.