There's something both G.R.R Martin and Elon Musk get. How about you?​


Game of thrones is a phenomena, probably bigger than Tesla, if you measure it by social hype.


I want to talk about the similar strategy that both have in common, and why you should consider adopting it for yourself and your story.


Let's talk about GoT first, from a storytelling perspective. The first season came as a shock to most. Good people getting slayed without so much as a warning, bad guys (and villains too) won everything, and it looked like TV rules have changed forever.


This, in turn, created a (very wide) niche audience, that basically looked down on all the people who are not watching the show. so classes were created - those who appreciate "awesome TV that's unlike anything you've ever seen" (and watch the show), and those who "don't know what good even if it hit them in the face with a bowl of melted gold". 


The effect was obvious - more and more people tuned in, some of them got caught in the plot but others just watched it to stay in the know. The show, in turn, went crazier and crazier, reaching a cult status that led fans to analyze every little frame in every episode - just because episodes of "the best TV show ever" can't be boring.. And thus fan theories raised their heads.


But then season 6 came, and changed that. The plot moved at a different pace. Stories and characters that were irrelevant to the bigger story were cast aside (sorry, Hodor, and also - I will avenge thee, margaery!). Good guys who wound up dead came back to life, and couldn't lose even if they tried really hard. In short - the show became what Hollywood is all about. The hardcore fans cried out, as the show betrayed its initial promise to be different, but something interesting happened on another front: GoT grew its fan base like never before, during this last season.


Now let's talk about Tesla in short - amazing products, coming from a genius, sold with a price tag that was aiming for those who had extra cash, and a lot of it. Lately, Tesla introduces their new model 3, that holds a price tag of only (some might say "only") 35,000 USD. I believe this new model 3 is basically Tesla's version of GoT season 6, and here's why.


If you stop to think about it for a second, there's a great strategy here: set your price tag high ("not for everyone"), create the hype ("the new thing everyone is talking about"), then find the sweet spot and suddenly make it accessible to all (GoT with its Hollywood last season, Tesla with their new model). That way, you get people craving to take part in something - your something - and when suddenly it's in their reach, they will consider themselves lucky to be able to join the ride!


The lesson for the rest of us - drop the "we're for everybody" approach. Define a focused target audience, not too big but big enough to generate the hype you need. Don't be afraid to set your prices higher than the rest (but don't do it just to earn money! do it if it serves you in the long run). Then, at the right time, hit the nail on its head and make a version that is far more accessible than anything that came before it. Note - it's not lowering the prices on existing offers (or seasons, in TV), it's coming up with a new version that would fit more people. 


The hype you have already created will do the rest, from that point on!