To care or not to care?​


This one is a very common mistake. Whenever I speak to entrepreneurs, and after they understand the need for a great story, they come up with something that is aimed at helping potential clients understand their product and offering. Sometimes it's even a good story.


But they are missing the point. 


Why? because your story should b aimed at getting people to care first, and understand later. The reason is simple - if you think about it, when you care about something, you'll do the extra mile needed to understand it. But if you don't care, all the explanations in the world won't get you to remember what you've just learned.


The easiest example for this from my life would be motorcycles. I lived my life without one, and though friends tried to explain the concept to me, it always stayed vague. Why? because I didn't care. So I could listen to someone rambling for hours about their bike, and the second they would shut up I would forget it all.


Then my son was born. And around the age of two, he discovered motorcycles (not my fault). From that point on, he kept asking me millions of questions about it. And demanded to see videos, and meet bikers, and ride one and so on. So I had no choice- I learned. And I learned like crazy. Even became addicted to it at some point. Why? because I cared about my son. And he was the trigger to make me care about motorcycles. So suddenly, the understanding part became super easy- I had the right motivation, the kind I never had before.


That's what you should be looking for in your story. I know, your product is unique, and you just have to explain to people what it does or you'll never be able to convert them, right?


But here's your problem- by explaining it, you are targeting only the people who happen to care about it already. And that's always a relatively small group. So you gain clients, but very slowly, and you don't understand why. But if you get people to care, you make your audience so much bigger, thus helping your client base grow as well.


How to start? just ask yourself "why should someone care?". And no, "because it's amazing/solves all the world's problems/the UI is great" is not a real answer. Why is it important for this group of people you call your audience? why should they stop everything and listen to you? give value by making people care first. Forget about helping them understand - if you make them care, they will take on the journey towards understanding all by themselves.


Your turn- why should I care?